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Processing sheet metal

with laser technology

Our highly qualified and highly motivated staff, excellent plant and equipment and the active use of the German language along with the native Hungarian language in management and in design both lend competitive edge to OLS Ltd.

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We are at your disposal to manufacture cost-effective custom-design sheet metal components.

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Our objective is to fully meet customer requirements.


Our objective is to fully meet customer requirements.


Quality, flexibility and custom-design solutions are our specialty.


We assure excellence in end products by perfection across the entire process starting from design to final assembly.


to OLS Ltd.

Processing of sheet metal constitutes an essential part of mechanical engineering, manufacturing of equipment and a number of other industries. The advantages of sheet metal include the ease of processing and formability, therefore sheet metal processing has been gaining an importance from year to year in the above-mentioned industries. The complex and time-consuming mechanical processes of earlier years have been replaced by modern laser-based and punching processes and the requisite CNC bending processes. Moreover, the progress is still far away from coming to an end.

In the sheet metal processing industry, the accuracy of manufacture attained 15 to 20 years ago was in the millimeter range. Nowadays, the tenth of millimeter tolerance range is within reach. The requirements regarding functionality, quality, flexibility and, last but not least, cost-effectiveness of machine enclosures, welded structures and custom-design sheet metal components have been rising. Sheet metal as base material has gained a great importance.

Only manufacturers specializing in these processes have the ability to meet these stringent requirements.

Visit the pages of our website to make certain of the quality and choice of our products and services. For further information, please contact us.

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You can count on us

from planning to manufacturing

We are at your disposal to manufacture cost-effective custom-design sheet metal components, structural assemblies or standard components to tight deadlines and outstanding quality standards.

CNC sheet metal processing

  • Laser cutting
  • Stamping
  • Bending
  • Welding
  • Powder-coating, sintering
  • Assembly
  • Product design by the use of the Solid Edge 2D-3D application


we offer

Design, preparing the drawings | Programming | CNC laser cutting, punching | CNC bending, bending-off | Welding | Method of painting, surface finishing | Assembly | Quality control | Delivery


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OLS Ltd. is a commercial agency involved in the distribution of products made by modern sheet metal processing, the core field of activity of OLS Ltd. The outstanding professional qualifications and skills of our staff guarantee customer satisfaction in all projects. This website has been created to manage and coordinate the commercial activities of OLS Ltd., including pro-active marketing. Contact us and benefit from the thirty years of OLS experience in the field of sheet metal processing.

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